Raven was founded to bring performance to the sport, we build products made-to-win. Our goal is to help you perform at your highest level – even in the most extreme conditions. We shall always strive to improve, equipment shall keep you safe, in control and take your riding to the next level.

Face-adaptive, G-force resistant Motocross goggles
We wanted to challenge the market and build the lightest, best fitting motocross- and snowmobile goggles available.
The Raven goggles are designed to create a pefect fit. This is accomplished by our lightweight design, using flexible materials that adapt to your face,
The goggles are developed by different riders throughout the world. From scorching hot deserts in the south, to the snow clad mountains of the north.
The raven strike goggles are built to never be noticed, put them on and they will be an extension of your body.
Your surroundings will be clear and your vision will stay accurate.